Hi everyone,

Thanks for making 2018 a great year of gaming for our Club!Our annual Hunt was Pulp themed as the crews of Tramp steamers tried to capture Cthulhu mythos monsters. In 15mm we fought in Korea, Vietnam, Somalia, and the annual WW3 Tanksgiving. In 28mm our Colonials forces we fought in the Boxer Rebellion, the Sudan, and the Russian Civil War. We even recreated the 40K Gamesday event "Rourkes Drift" with the Preatorian Imperial Guard v. the Space Orks.

Like most other independent clubs the last few years we struggled to keep attention on our Club Forums (FB), and not just posting on Retailer or Manufacturer Forums. This is only an issue as it makes the club appear inactive, and our membership does not get to share in your energy and excitement about your projects - unless they seek out that specific manufacturers forum. Yet at the same time this also means we remain open to and supportive of those who play at only one location or a single game system.


In 2019 we will plan to keep reinforcing our goal of being a pan game and pan location club.

This year at a glance we are hosting the following games:


January - Annual Big Hunt (28mm Colonials v. Dinosaurs)

February - The Las Vegas Open (Battletech, Cthulhu, 40K, Osprey, ACW, Warlord, etc.)

March, June, & September - Bongolesia/Junta 15mm Team Yankee games

April - 28mm Colonials on Venus 1889

May & October - 28mm Dark Age Donnybrook in Roman England

July - Desert Wars 2019 (back at the Old Fort)

August - 28mm Colonials @ Turkestan 1889

November - 15mm Modern Tanksgiving (Team Yankee)

December - 28mm Colonials @ Mars 1889 featuring Liftwood Flyers


During the course of the year I will of course be running Battletech scenario games once a quarter for Catalyst, as well as, Cthulhu monster v. Human games from the Xothic Wars rules I co-wrote. Likewise Dan, Bob, Kurt, Steve, and others offer up their homes or arrange with stores to put on a variety of other games during the calendar year.

And lastly in January 2020 we will have a Evil Mastermind Big Hunt. The annual event will "go dark" as the players will assume the identities of evil masterminds like Dr. Evil, Robo Hitler, Cobra Commander, etc. and hunt down the US Special Forces "Joe" team trying to stop their diabolical plans. This will be prefaced by 3 small random games over the year. Each game won will provide the players with a couple of extra Henchmen to help their victory in January 2020.

Here is to another great year,

Jason Coffey

VP of Public Gaming

(702) 354-6875