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Summer 2017 Activities
Written by Jason Coffey   
Friday, June 02 2017 07:34

Hi everyone,

What a great month for Wargaming. Started off with a fun Colonials game the first weekend at LSOM, followed the next weekend by a cool Musket & Pike game at WR. Had a great Battletech game over Memorial Day weekend to close out a May full of public gaming!

Some upcoming events for our Club over the Summer...


1) Sat June 3rd - 15mm WW2 D-Day game & Living History - at War Room Games (by Taco Bell across from Sunset Park)

2) Sat June 17th - 28mm WW2 Bolt Action - At Little Shop of Magic (Durango & Flamingo)

3) Sat July 1st - 15mm Civil War & Living History - at War Room Games


Please look for the remainder of July and August dates forthcoming - we usually have a small Gamesday in August pending space. June will also feature a 28mm American Revolution game. We have had to adjust our schedule based on people moving and stores closing. We also maintain a weekly game at one of our members homes.

Several members are playing Shadow War Armageddon (Necromunda), working on 28mm Musket & Pike / Musketeer armies, 28mm French & Indian War / American Revolution armies, and of course the usual 15mm Modern, 28mm Colonials / Victorian Sci-Fi and even the new 40K coming out in June.

Thank you,

Jason Coffey

VP of Public Gaming

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