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ConQuest VEGAS 2009 - thank you!
Written by Jason Coffey   
Wednesday, April 22 2009 15:07
ConQuest VEGAS 2009 - Thank you

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank each and everyone one of you. The majority of our club - miniatures, board games, and role-players - showed up to play. Everyone at least took some time away from their family and work during this critical economic time to support our big convention. A couple of GM's had to make that cold equation as well, an we appreciate what support you still rendered.

This was our second year, and I am proud to say that we actualy sold more tickets than the year before. Even with the issue that landed us into a smaller room! The quarters were tight on our busiest day (Saturday), and we never missed a stride.

Those of you working for our "gaming home" the Little Shop of Magic, are not forgotten either. Helping LSOM to expand and offer things other than just the usual fare to the Valley is a big deal. It also supports all of us the other 361 days of the year when we need some place to play.

We had a strong showing by our Starfleet Battles Captain's Tournament as well, drawing some attention once more from the Northeast to the Southwest. Thanks to Hugh Bishop for a wonderful second round of that. Also thanks to our local Babylon 5: A Call to Arms group for their support of the Convention. Greg Dryanski did a fantastic job as usual of running the event for us, and plans to continue even when the game becomes officially unsupported. Yes Virginia, gaming actually does exist outside the Northeast US.

At any rate, it was definately a positive experiance for me. I am still a bit tired from the experiance, especially with GAMA the week before. This will help us a long way to finally solidifying a Con in our town that people will travel to and enjoy. That will also help us do the rest of what we need locally.

Thanks again to all of you who bought badges, came down for a day, gave prize support, advertised the event, ran an event, or any manner of support I skipped. Please join us next year on April 9th thru the 11th, 2010.


Jason Coffey
Program Coordinator: ConQuest VEGAS
Vice President of Public Gaming: LVWargamers

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