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Passing of Bob Genso
Written by Jason Coffey   
Saturday, August 13 2016 20:50

This weekend Bob Genso has passed away.


He was an avid supporter of Empire Comics and Games, was a long time member of our Club since Triple J's, and my friend.


While he has drifted away from our club the last couple of years, it is my hope that we will be able to pass along his his families arrangements in time. It is certainly my plan to attend, and I hope you will join me.


Many of us from the Triple J days know him. Bob always had a new set of British centric rules for us to play, and armies for us to fight his British *lol*


Sometimes rubbing people the wrong way like we all do, but his intentions were always honest. He is an un-replaceable fixture in our gaming community.


Bob was more than a true supporter of Historical wargames, and always willing to even take the time and support some of the crazy sci-fi stuff I have been able to work with manufacturers on to get attention to wargamers in the Southwest United States.




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