Las Vegas Wargamers
Updated LVO Schedule
Written by Jason Coffey   
Friday, February 20 2015 06:21

So the Las Vegas Open is this weekend. Please come and play! We had a scheduling SNAFU with the hotel and all the rooms had to be locked down at 9pm - except one which was already booked. So we made it work :> Call me if you have issues on the room~


Fri till 9pm

Ill setup at 5/6pm

6/7pm Space Hulk (GW)


Sat till 9pm

9am Star Trek (homebrew)

1pm Battletech (Catalyst Games)

5pm Halloween-towne (Donnybrook mod)

9pm Space Hulk pt.2 if there is space in Sunset Ballroom


Sun till 6pm

10a Santa v. the Martians (Donnybrook mod)

2p Mordheim (GW)

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