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Tuesday, August 19 2008 18:28

Well, after coming to the conclusion last spring that our current website just wasn't cutting it, we decided to start work on a new website. One that would provide everyone with a chance to contribute and help build our gaming community, as well as increase communication and make it easier to find events. If you'd like to learn more about the website, click the read more link...

A list of things available to us on this website:

Administrators can publish announcements to the front page through their website login

Registered users can post new events in the calendar (after Admin approval)

Registered users can create new categories and post new pictures to the gallery

Registered users can rate and comment pictures in the gallery

Registered users can set up their profiles to display gaming preferences

Registered users can "connect" with other users through the Private Messaging System and through the Forums.


As you can see, this is quite a big change from our previous website. Let me know what you think, and of any features you would like to see.

- Aaron Christensen

Looking Good
Snoopywargamer -08-30-2008 08:07:58

The new site looks good!
Sky Captain -09-06-2008 04:59:41

Heya Aaron,

I like it. Mostly along the lines of what we had, just a bit more
interactive. I will get with you to finish porting over the information so we
can start to clean up the galleries.

Don't forget to take a look at the yellow
highlight on the registration page obscuring the text below.

Tom and I
appreciate all your hard work on this site for the last 4 months

-Jason C
jfsudek -09-26-2008 05:04:10

Good stuff, guys. I usually do not like it when a Yahoo group branches off into
it's own website. Now information must be checked at both sites and the content
seems to become diluted.
However, since the Yahoo group seemed to have become a
Little Shop of Magic forum (no offense to John), maybe migrating here without
commercials is a good idea.
LSOM is a fine venue, and the owner has done a
great job promoting gaming in Las Vegas, but advertising D&D in
Good Luck to a bright future!
matt lust -10-20-2008 07:17:59


good work but the site feels dark.

anyway to brighten it up a bit?
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