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Written by Jason Coffey   
Thursday, December 06 2012 00:53

Hi everyone,

Due to availability, we have rolled our gaming weekend forward by a weekend from
the 15th to the 8th - sorry!!!

This weekend... Thursday the 6th and Saturday the 8th...

THUR Nite is Zombie-A-Go-Go & simple WW2 Skirmish at Dan's house

SAT 11:30 am is Starship Troopers at LSOM
SAT afternoon 3pm is SAGA at LSOM
SAT nite at 7pm is Battletech Miniatures at LSOM

Coming in January 2013 is our Annual Big Hunt. It will be held in the Congo, with the usual party and nationality requirements. Expect plenty of Belgian interloopers trying to prevent your huntingt skills from being maximised.

Thank you,

Jason Coffey

VP of Public Gaming


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