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Written by Jason Coffey   
Monday, August 26 2013 11:41

Thank you for stopping by our page. Please see our Event Calendar on the sidebar for a list of upcoming Fall 2013 events! Thanks to the Review Journal for their coverage of our club’s public activities.


Saturday the 24th was our annual membership meeting, in conjunction with our Historical Gamesday at the museum. It was attended by (7) of our Active Members, as the others were unavailable.


In it we determined to continue our Turkestan: 1889 colonials/vsf games every other month in 2014. For the time being the rules will remain the evolving modification of Sharpe’s Practice for Colonials. Nationality Cards still need to be submitted, and continued work on streamlining the deck are required. Movement on the 2nd Tiffin outside of your enemy’s view was well received.


For the other (6) monthly games we will be looking at two SAGA games, a special Fantasy stomp, two Pulp WW2 games, and a re-visit to 28mm Star Wars. This does not include the (2) sessions during Desert Wars the 3rd weekend of July 2014, nor the remaining days of JasonCon in early August 2014. These dates will include Babylon 5: CTA, Bongolesia (15mm Modern FOW or 28mm Battlefield Evo), a throwback to OGRE with miniatures, Bug-A-Go-Go (playtesting), X-Wing, and Historical 40K (2nd Ed – potential Club re-write action based).


Club supported demonstrations of Zombie-A-Go-Go, Battletech, and Starfleet: CTA will continue. The Traveller RPG is no longer supported as a Demo-able product. However, the club has agreed to continue play of it either Bi-monthly or Quarterly. The top seller games (FOW, 40K, WHFB, etc.) generally controlled by Retailers, will be supported by vote “as requested”.


At the moment there is low attendance for War of the Ring, so we have tabled it as an event to continue work on our models. For the same reason we will maintain DropZone Commander/GROPOS, ACW, and Nappy games, however, they will be at Private residences. The Blackwater Gulch rules have passed muster, and will be compared for use v. Gutshot! The Warhammer Historical series has officially gone the way of Rat Trap’s rules, and occupy the bottom shelf now.


Beyond this, it was resolved to:


1)      Keep doing things for fun,

2)      Encourage a standard of “Painting Evolution” over times used (initially no bare, then min. primed, finally req. 3 colors)

3)      To focus on rules that match our miniature collections.

4)      Our goal remains to complete games to as close as possible during the time allotted,

5)      To defer all in game rules questions to our internal GM for the game,

6)      Encourage others to start or return to this fun hobby.


All ideas and suggestions are welcome on our Yahoo Group aka “Living Newsletter”, especially those to facilitate the above.


Regarding the question of Membership Dues, while there are costs to maintain our website - our public games remain at retail stores and museums – and our private games in member’s homes. So it was resolved to continue to purchase snacks from those venues, along with the museum entrance fees – but not charge Club Dues. The cravat to this for Regular Members (who are not approved Guests) is that one meets all of the following conditions:


1)      Local to the Las Vegas, NV area

2)      Collecting or maintaining at least one compatible army to a major ruleset we use

3)      Is Active - Participates in at least one public event a Quarter, or two private events

4)      Maintains the spirit of our Club during events


Members or unapproved Guests not meeting all of the above criteria (who are not approved Guests), may be removed from our Yahoo Group and/or assessed an annual membership fee of no less than $1 and no more than $25 on a case by case basis. Obviously donations towards club costs are always appreciated, but not required.  


To become an approved Guest, one must request such status from Thomas Adams (Club President), or either of our VP’s Dan Tuziak or Jason Coffey. They will then vote to approve Guest status based on the reasoning.


Be seeing you,


Jason Coffey

VP of Public Gaming

Las Vegas Wargamers

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