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Written by Jason Coffey   
Wednesday, July 16 2014 11:08

Thanks to everyone who has attending our games this year so far.

We have moved to a new Format curtosey of Donnybrook, where we are alternating a simple skirmish game with out Turkestan (Colonials) game. We have played Star Wars, and Samurai, and Romano-British with these rules to great success.

We also adopted for Colonials the BF:Evo system I worked on, in lieu of the existing Space: 1889 rules as they have long since fallen out of date. Especially with the switch from 28mm to 15mm as heralded by "All Quiet on the Martian Front" by the same author. We continue to play in the existing and popular 25mm/28mm scale for Colonials we are all vested in.

It has been a great first half of the year in Wargaming, with some Traveller, X-Wing miniatures, and Battletech Alpha Strike (AS) thrown in as we can. All things that people have come out of their homes to play... so that is the continued goal.

In July we will have Desert Wars at the Old Fort on the 19th again. Apparently the entry here was deleted, but it is still on our Facebook and Yahoo groups. Likely a Traveller game that night as well.

In August we have 2 things... JasonCon the first weekend in August (1st thru the 3rd) and then our Historical Gamesday a couple of weeks later at the Old Fort. The second gamesday will as always feature our Club Meeting at lunch time.

Anyhow... there is a little update.

Be seeing you!

Jason Coffey

VP of Public Gaming

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