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Written by Jason Coffey   
Tuesday, December 23 2014 14:20

Starting Saturday we have:

A) Sat 20th from Noon-5pm "Colonials in Turkestan" at Empire Comics & Comics.

B) Mon 21st from Noon to 6pm "Flames of War" at Empire Comics & Games.


Tentative schedule afternoons (Noon-6pm) mostly:

1) tues monomer playtests at avatar
2) wed painting and assembly clinic at empire
3) fri NITE (6p-10p) Babylon 5 game at empire BY CLUB REQUEST


Tentative for Next week (afternoons)

4) mon FOW modern
5) tues monomer playtests (acw) at empire
6) wed Starship Troopers at avatar
7) fri NITE x-wing at wii play games (Alex n.) WITH PANZER MARK
8) sat after new years battletech at empire BY CLUB REQUEST

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