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Written by Jason Coffey   
Thursday, July 09 2015 10:42

Hello and thanks for stopping by!


This summer we will be playing down at the Museum in July and August, and then in September will be moving ahead with our local Convention efforts again.


Please do watch for club, or member in store gaming, as well as games hosted by the stores. However, these 2 gamesdays and 1 convention will replace our monthly in store games for those 3 months.


July 25th is Desert Wars 2015 at the Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort State Historic Park by Cashman Field. We will feature a variety of games, mostly modern and science fiction.


August 22nd we will be back down there for our Colonials game, followed by our Annual Club Meeting. We will vote on our list of games for the 2016 Conventions as well as our monthly in store games. If you are not sure if you are a current member of our club, please give me a hollar and let's see if you are. Non-members are welcome to play, but will be asked to leave during our meeting.


September 18-20 is InfernoCon 2015!!! It is an event in partnership with the majority of clubs around town, designed not to show off, but rather to facilitate more gaming and offer something opposite the LVO. It is owned and coordinated by a local wargamer who I have known ever since I was knee high, so it has a good solid foundation. More details are at It is a whooping $20 for the weekend - so is priced to play!!! Our club will be there running at least 2-3 tables Saturday and Sunday, and hopes that you will join us to play.


Be seeing you,


Jason Coffey

VP of Public Gaming

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