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Written by Jason Coffey   
Thursday, January 07 2016 07:38

Hello and welcome to 2016!


We are off to a start again, stepping out of the slumber of the Holly-daze.


Our calendar year kicks off with the Big Hunt on January 9th. It will be in 28mm using our standard Colonials Rules (Red Traitor/BF:Evolution/Starship Troopers)


Then on February 5th thru 7th we will be working with Frontline Gaming again on the Las Vegas Open. This has been a great opportunity as they bring in a large number of gamers from out of town. Please come join us and support this great show! See the schedule of events at:




In March we will play Colonials in Turkestan our standard bi-monthly 28mm game.


Be seeing you,


Jason Coffey

VP of Public Gaming

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