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Written by Jason Coffey   
Sunday, February 28 2016 12:18
Good evening,

I assume that everyone on here is a member of our Club. We make a point of trying to be open ended, and not charge annual memberships. So after talking to the Meeple folks again about a 2-way relationship, and listening to stories at the Empire Swap Meet today... I wanted to take a moment of your time to reiterate the point of what we do.

In short I make a point of being polite to everyone, but I honestly get tired of tiptoeing around as people try to isolate "play groups" for minimal effort & more play time... rather than work together as a "larger community" here in our town.
LVW is a no cost club that started at Triple J Hobbies (Joe Sudek), and has transcended that (1999-present) with Thomas Adams as our President.

Our mission is to fly the flag of Historical and Independent games around town at least once a month. Keeping the hobby alive, not just a specific genre or experience.

Dan Tuziak runs additional games at his house approx once a week on a Thursday on behalf of both himself and our club. They are traditionally more Historical based.
Other members are encouraged to run store events and home events, but that has traditionally devolved after a bit due to personalities (allowed & banned).
Again the LVW costs $0 to be a member as I pay for the website on my own. Donations are certainly welcome.
We also partner with Store and Conventions to make sure more than GW is played at Events. Ironically this requires us (like at LVO) to run GW games.


However we only have so much time, and peoples interest in representing themselves or the club varies daily *lol* For example my wife and I also do Historical Reenacting, I run a Boy Scout Troop, help with the Game Club at my High School, and I am having to go back to college again for work - so I do not get to game as frequently as others. This has an added bonus of (some) emotional detachment when folks bring drama into our hobby.

Anyhow... there ya go :>

Hope to see folks come out on March 12th to Empire. Even if Colonials is not your thing, and you do not want to buy into it... bodies are always helpful, and we always have plenty of troops.

Your friend,

Jason Coffey
VP of Open Gaming
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