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Written by Jason Coffey   
Friday, July 15 2016 13:13

Saturday 7/16/16 Desert Wars Schedule...

Empire Hobbies and Games

Please buy your drinks and snacks from the Store. Same deal as before.


Noon-3pm --- 15mm Sci-Fi Armor "Hammers Slammers" by Steve Massey. All figures provided, or bring your own.

Noon-3pm --- 28mm Sci-Fi Infantry "Red Traitor" by Jason Coffey. Figures provided, or bring any SST, 40K, or other Sci-Fi figures to make your own Platoon to play. Uses the Battlefield Evolution rules engine like our Colonials games.

4pm-7pm --- 17mm Victorian Sci-Fi "All Quiet on the Martian Front" by Steve Massey. All figures provided, or bring your own. Rules are from the official game system.

4pm-7pm --- Starship Combat "For the Homeworld" by Jason Coffey. Miniatures are provided, or bring your own. Babylon 5 Fleets are perfered, however, open to other genres of tasteful sized miniatures (Armada, Firestorm, Noble Armada, Star Frontiers, Star Trek, or Epic sized Traveller).


Please contact Jason Coffey by voice or text (702) 354-6875

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