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Written by Jason Coffey   
Tuesday, March 14 2017 21:49

Hi everyone!

Thank you for your support of LVO once again this year. I am thankful to Front Line Hobbies for being such great hosts and partners in this endevour. They are able to bring numbers to our town that we have failed to do before in our own conventions. Before you know it we might have the next adepticon!

We also have a variety of programs planned through July already. So please check them out and come on down. Only the May date is not settled. Our June & July games will partner us with some 1:1 reproduction military equipment as well!

We are looking at our August Gamesday (Desert Wars 2017) & Club Meeting this year. We no longer have our old event site as it does not fit with their current vision. So if you have a location we can go for free, and run at least 2 tables of different games all day... please advise. We will need to plan ahead as our old table toppers were destroyed.

Of course Casa Tuziak is also still hosting nearly weekly games, and we will post other things as time permits us to play. Please follow us on Facebook for those things.

Be seeing you,

Jason Coffey

VP of Public Gaming

(702) 354-6875


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